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Training – It’s what you do and how you do it!

So I was at the gym tonight. Getting a good pump on as always, and I was looking around me and realizing just how many of the guys and girls I recognize. I mean to say, that no matter what time of day I hit the weights, they always seem to be there. Maybe that isn’t quite true, but it’s the impression I get lately.

Now watching how these people train, I know what they want. It’s obvious. I could not accuse any of them of being lazy or giving a half hearted effort. But I could accuse them of perhaps time wasting. Doing many sets and reps that just don’t need to be done on exercises that shouldn’t be considered given their goals.

Now let’s be clear here. 99% of the guys wanna get bigger, stronger and more ripped, and so do a lot of the girls at our gym which is fantastic. But so many of them are putting so much effort into what I can tell to be not very much gains. Doing things like cable flys and weighted dips ain’t gonna do anything for a young man or woman looking to maximize their time in the gym for maximum muscle and strength growth.


doing too much?

I’d bet my bottom dollar too that these same people are not backing it all up with adequate nutrition week in week out. Sure they pop their protein shakes at the gym, but what about the rest of the day? So many people fail on this one major factor of building a bigger stronger and leaner body.

The bottom line here is folks is to say that more often than not you may need to take a step back before you lunge forward to your goals. everything you do must count towards your goals and not detract from it in any way. do the right exercises and sets and reps and you can half your time in the gym. Eat accordingly and be strict with it and you can narrow that time down again. It really is that simple and when you nail it down you’ll know, coz it will feel f*****g awesome!

stay cool and happy training.

Alex J

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