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Core Strength and a Free workout For you

Many of us spend way too much time sat down these days. Its unavoidable with desk jobs and driving around forcing us down on our butts. As a result more people than ever are experiencing an early onset of chronic conditions like back pain, hip and knee problems and bad posture.

These conditions and their various symptoms can greatly affect quality of life in the sufferer, and can put an end to enjoyable fitness activities. The human body, as a functioning moving machine of many parts, is simply are not designed to be stationary in a seated position for very long without having knock-on effects throughout the body.

These effects can be undone if we’re not too late to intervene, but as always it’s far better to take steps to prevent them in the first place. If you think you might be sat down too much due to work or other commitments, read on, as you should already be taking active steps to ensure your future health, mobility and well-being.

Core Muscles

The Core Muscles

These steps can be as simple as standing up at least once every 30 minutes to lengthen the muscles and get blood flow circulating. This alone though won’t be enough to undo what has possibly been many years of being glued to your chair at your desk or in your car.

The mid-section of the body is an incredibly complicated junction of muscles tendons and ligaments, various joints and nerves and arteries that all in all create a busy intersection of goings-on that can be quite prone to going wrong if not carefully managed.

So where the hell do I start? I hear you ask. Well fear not, as I have for you here and free of charge to you, a complete core strengthening and mobilizing workout that you can simply add to your current weekly training routine.

This simple workout is designed to lengthen tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles of the core and torso. Which in turn will keep you lose, mobile, sitting upright and pain free now and in the long run. Now you can’t ask for more than that surely!

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Remember, core strength should be the strong link in your chain, not the weakest link.


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