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Twelve Ways To Explode your Muscle Growth

Muscle growth through weight training is a lifestyle. A journey. Not a destination. Its an on-going and ever changing process of peaks and troughs. It’s a battle ground, where the pursuit of muscle growth and strength can be all too elusive at times.

Muscle GrowthIf the road to bodily perfection were a straight one we’d all have the perfect shape and desired muscle mass. Alas, the road is anything but straight. At least, it’s never straight for very long. Knowing which way to turn when you hit the inevitable fork in the road will ultimately determine your success.

Of course, that’s a whole other story, and blog post. Ensure you stay on the right track with our handy checklist for constant muscle growth and strength gains.


Dragons Muscle Growth Checklist

Eat extra protein – Are you eating enough currently? Aim for at least 1 gram per pound of body weight. Or 2.2 grams per kg of body weight. That’s a minimum mind, experiment with higher amounts to see how your body reacts. 1.4g per pound or 3g per kg should be a maximum for anyone. Any more than that and you’ll likely be storing it as fat, not to mention giving yourself aching kidneys and a distended stomach. Nice!

Compound exercises – You probably know this one by now, but are you really adhering to its principles? If you’re using muscular energy on smaller isolation exercises like flyes or leg extensions, you’ll have less in reserve for the big exercises that really count towards muscle growth. So cut it out, starting today!

Train only twice per week – Time under tension (TUT) is far more important than actual time spent in the gym. You CAN  explode your muscle growth and strength on only two one hour sessions per week, if your train right. So rather than increasing your training frequency, look to make each session as productive as humanly possible.

Sleep an extra hour each night – Remember you don’t grow in the gym. You break the muscle fibers down. You actually get weaker. You only grow bigger and stronger in the kitchen and in bed. Period! Neglect your sleep and you’ll struggle to be your best and be progressive in your workouts.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H – So many people neglect stretching to the peril of their best efforts lifting weights. Stretching isn’t important for muscle growth. It’s essential! Dynamically stretch (movement stretching) before an exercise, and statically stretch after exercise. Best of all, also stretch a muscle 24 hrs after training it. You will build a fuller and rounder muscle this way. This works especially well on the chest and lats. Plus it feels awesome.

Do fewer sets and less reps but more weight – The chances are you’re a proponent of the many sets  principle. Whereby you pound each muscle into submission over as many sets as you can handle. This can certainly have its place, especially if you’re juicing it. However, few people can sustain this level of training. Try to get the same amount of work done over as few sets and reps as possible. But not at the expense of TUT. See #3.

Do fewer exercises per body part – Once again, the old maxim ‘keep it simple’ holds true. You can actually get away with one or two exercises per body part. Say for chest, start with incline barbell chest press, followed by flat dumbbell chest press. If you can’t exhaust your chest muscle with these two exercises over 2-3 working sets each, you’re not working hard enough for muscle growth.

Look after your support network – No, not Facebook. Every lift you make employs prime movers, antagonist and a synergistic muscles. For example, for maximum bench press efficiency your chest will call on the triceps and biceps brachii, anterior deltoids, lats, core muscles, etc. A weakness due to tightness or under use in any one of these areas will limit your ability to progress the weight in the bench press, and ultimately, your chest muscle growth in size and strength.

Eat more carbs – The carb depleted guys and gals you see on the covers of magazines and at competition events are not feeling too great trust me. Certainly competitors don’t keep that body shape year round. There’s a reason for that. Come competition time they feel tired, worn out and weak. the first thing many of them do after leaving the stage is gorge out on carb heavy foods. You too must fuel your muscle growth with adequate carbs. That’s adequate carbs mind, not supersize MacDonald’s carbs.

Don’t be afraid to get a little smooth – Again, there’s a reason why the pro’s get more than a little smooth off season. You try to sustain a mass building program on a restricted calorie diet and see how it feels. You must support your hard training efforts with the right amounts of food. If you find yourself smoothing out, make adjustments in your diet to hone in on the required levels for you and your body type.

Muscle GrowthDrink more milk – Milk is awesome stuff. It’s cheap, tastes great after a hard workout (or anytime for that matter), and is choc full of muscle building goodness. Go for it!

Supplement your diet – No matter how hard you try to get as much food as possible into your waking hours, you will inevitably fall short from time to time. Always have a good quality protein supplement to hand for just such an occasion. Multi-vits and probiotics help keeps things ticking over when the going gets tough. Think of supplements as the support staff of a big corporation. Small, but essential to your success.

Of course there will be many others we could add to this list. But some of these are the most over looked. Sometimes we ignore the most obvious signs of neglect in our own training. Now you have no excuse.

Building and maintaining your body is a hard task at times but an incredibly rewarding one. The benefits of being fit and strong are numerous and those of us who operate at a higher  physical level will always know we’re onto a good thing.

Stay fit and strong, and live well.


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