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How To Build Muscle


Building muscle shouldn’t be as hard as it is. When you apply proven techniques correctly the muscle should pile on right? Um, well, no. Not usually anyway. The cold hard fact is packing on the beef is hard work and can take a long time.

Like anything else though there are easy and hard ways of going about things. Absolutely anyone can build muscle mass. Yes, even you! In fact, the skinnier and scrawnier you are now the more impressive even the tiniest amount of muscle will look. So chin up. You CAN do it.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of muscular hypertrophy. Of course for a million different people there are a million different ways of doing something. But on the whole these steps are applicable to all, no matter who or where you are.

  • KNOW YOUR BODY – Understand your body and how it works and you can cut your training time literally in half. What exercises work for the big dudes at your local gym won’t necessarily work for you. So how do you know? Well hang on a minute. One step at a time now……
  • EAT FOR SIZE – If you fancy yourself as a heavy weight you’re gonna have to start eating like one. No matter what your starting point is, you must fuel your body correctly for any chance at future muscle growth. Starting a new program necessitates a new way of eating to support it. Skimp on this area and your hard efforts will be for nothing.
  • COMPOUND IT – If you concentrate your efforts on all the right exercises, you can get away with doing significantly less than you have likely been doing. It’s easy to waste time and effort doing sets and reps on exercises that do very little for all the effort you’re putting into them. You know what they are: Squats, deadlifts, bench press, dips etc etc.
  • REST IT UP – Once you’ve pounded the weights you’ve got two things to do: Eat and Rest. In that order. You don’t get bigger in the gym. You merely break the muscle fibers down. You get bigger in bed in fact. Good solid sleep will allow you to recover faster and trainer harder. Consider afternoon naps if you struggle to get a decent sleep each night.
  • VARY YOUR STYLE – There are many different training styles and techniques, and many of them should play a part in your regular routine. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. So mix it up with rep ranges, different exercises and lifting techniques.
  • USE THE PYRAMID – Mobility first, then stability, then strength and finally power. Repeat this cycle as often as necessary. Just be sure you do cycle.
  • GET HELP – No not chemical help. Although of course they’re used for a reason. Consider using a protein supplement to ensure you’re getting enough in to support muscle growth. Use straps if your grip gives out too easily. Your grip will still build despite what others may tell you. Don’t use belts though, overload the lower back early on in your lifting career and you’ll regret it later. Use a structured tailored program when you train, and write down every rep and set you do. This is essential for muscle building.

There’s a knack to building muscle, but anyone can do it. For more help of info on your own training or to get your own fully tailored muscle building program email us with your questions or details.

Please leave a comment about the things you do to help build muscle mass. There are many more things not on our list.

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