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Getting to grips with Health and Weight Management

Health and weight Management our bodies is a full time job. And a job that is all too often given second or third priority in life. That’s understandable; we’re all too busy these days to spend the time making healthy food for work or cooking up good quality dinners late at night after a long day at work.
As a result the important things like looking after our health and fitness get put on the back burner, and done last if done at all. But everyday we do many things, often in sequence, without even thinking about it. We call them habits. We don’t think twice about things like brushing our teeth, showering or washing our clothes. Nobody ever says they haven’t got time to wash themselves or even wash the car.that will be $25 please

Yet somehow so many people still don’t make it a part of their daily routine to look after themselves and manage their health. I’m not talking about crazy new age crap here, just basic stuff like preparing your work lunch beforehand. Buying water instead of fizzy drinks. Taking the time to whisk up a wholesome and healthy dinner.

None of these things take any real time or effort to commit to. You’ll never ‘find’ the time to do them. You have to ‘make’ the time. Same goes for exercising. I hear it often enough:
“Oh I just haven’t got the time at the moment. I’ve got work, and the kids, and I’m doing this and doing that”.
Yeah yeah. What these people are really saying is that they haven’t made the emotional connection to looking after themselves yet. But they will one day. Like a smoker getting a doctors warning, it may be too late by the time they finally wake up and decide to do something about it.


Veggies at the farmers market

Veggies at the farmers market

We can all do a little but more on a daily basis to promote our own well-being and longevity. Drink less alcohol, cut out wheat and gluten products, eat less sugar and processed foods. Be bothered to do a weekly trip to a fresh food market to stock up. Food can be frozen or kept fresh for up to a week in the bottom of the fridge.

Take regular physical extra exercise every day like using the stairs, walking faster than normal, running with the dog. Things you don’t have to do but could do it you wanted. It all adds up.
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