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You Too Can Build Muscle Fast

How To Build Muscle

In an article about how to build muscle fast, I just couldn’t resist the funny picture above. And with it the point I’m trying to make is, you always get out what you put in!

Whether you aren’t currently doing enough or whether you’re simply doing the wrong things, if you get the muscle building formula right you can literally explode your muscle gains like crazy.

I know this because I was the skinniest and scrawniest kid in my school, and I hated every second of it. I just had to do something to pack on the weight and build muscle. I quickly realized back then that like anything worth doing, it’s worth putting the effort into learning how it’s done.

Build MuscleAnd it can be done. Absolutely anyone can build muscle. No matter what your body type or ability to train. Those two variables can vary to extremes but yet we are constantly amazed by an individuals ability to do amazing things with their body despite the odds being seemingly stacked against them such as being wheel chair bound or missing a limb.

Very few things are set in stone however, despite what you may hear in gyms all over the place. Get to know your own body and how it reacts to different foods and types of training. There’s always room for leeway in what might appear to be rigid forms and techniques.

Check out this somewhat humorous take on the different body types. Understand how they are different from each other, and what you have to change accordingly. The Different Body Types.

The How To Build Muscle Check list

Make sure you tick as many of the following boxes as possible to ensure maximum muscle growth.

  1. Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. That’s 2 grams per kg body weight
  2. Eat every 3 hours max. That’s a MAXIMUM, not minimum
  3. Eat 5-6 meals per day, starting with breakfast and ending with supper
  4. Use compound exercises only, Maximum 10 reps minimum 4
  5. Train each body part once per week. That’s it
  6. Train no more than 4 days a week. Preferably 3 and maybe even 2
  7. Sleep as much as you can
  8. Use supplements. Especially protein shakes and Creatine
  9. Eat meat. Red meat helps build big strong muscles. White meat builds leaner muscles
  10. Eat as much veg as you can

Did you notice that six of the above ten involve food? Perhaps it should be seven, as it’s widely regarded that 70% of all your training efforts will come from the food you eat. Of course there could be more to this list. Such as limiting alcohol consumption, especially on training days.


How To Build MuscleOne final point for now. A common misconception among wanna be muscle heads is that in order to build any decent size you must forego all cardio. I too fell into this trap as a young man in my quest for size at any cost. Although you most certainly do need to be careful how much cardio you do, it is nevertheless essential if you want to build musclevto maintain a good level of cardiovascular fitness. Don’t make it too hard for your body to build muscle. Stay fit as you grow.


If you’ve struggled to get your weight gain or muscle gain rolling, don’t give up yet. If you think you’ve tried everything, trust me on this one, you haven’t! I did it for me. I can help you too. That’s what I do. Through online Personal Training I can show you how to get the body shape you want.

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  1. Nice, This is just what I needed : ] Thank you for the inspiration. Ive always been tall and skinny, looking to bulk up. Looks like I just need to eat the right foods, and work out better lolz. Thanks again, Keep on writing new blogs please! 😀

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