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Dragons Fitness is your go-to place for life changing online personal training. We have free eBooks, blog posts, articles and more to help you build and change your body and achieve the massive gains towards your goals you deserve.


Welcome to Dragons Fitness Online Personal Training. We get our clients results – fast!

Our clients stay motivated and committed to working hard and making continued progress using online personal training towards their goals. Our service is highly tailored and specific to each client to ensure all the success possible is yours and we are here for you from start to finish to coach and motivate you through the transformation that will probably change your life and finally give you the body you want.

So how do we do it?

Our online personal training clients get huge results through a combination of  intense and targeted workouts using advanced techniques and individually specific exercises. Plus all the on-going coaching and motivation along with the exact dietary requirements to suit you and your body type.

There are a range of great benefitswhen you choose Dragons Fitness online personal training:

  • Online Personal Training
    • Train where you want when you want
    • All The Details Done For You Online
    • Access Your Own Log In Area On Your PC, Ipad Or Mobile Phone To View Your Exercise Programmes And Nutritional Plans
    • Ongoing Email And Phone Support
    • You Choose The Goals – Muscle, Fat Loss, Sports, Etc

I would love the opportunity to demonstrate to you how I can literally transform your body by offering you an introductory price for your first month.

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A training philosophy honed over half a lifetime – and what it means for you

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Smart training will get you the results you want in half the time. Knowing which exercises to do and which ones to leave out, and how to eat accordingly is a result of Alexander’s 16 years of functional strength training,  self study and education. You will get a leaner, healthier and more attractive body through our combination of tough top-quality workouts and tailored nutritional advice. You will be coached, encouraged and driven to reach beyond your goals to success. We will not waste any of your precious time or money with unnecessary programmes or standardised diet plans. You will get what you need to get what you want.

Meet your trainer


Dragons Fitness was started so that Alex could showcase his 16 years of health and fitness development to more people than he can do in-person. Feeling the constraints of the fitness industry as a whole, Alex set out to implement his personal style of exercise prescription that he knew his clients deserved. Its a philosophy honed over half a lifetime and borne out of an idealistic approach to how a healthy mind and body should be achieved. There is no one Alex is harder on and more dedicated with than himself. To lead by example is the finest quality a trainer can posses, and Alex has never asked a client to do something he hasn’t done himself a thousand times.

How to get started….

It couldn’t be easier to try out Dragons Online Personal Training with a risk-free no barrier offer to try out our services for 1 month with 25% off and a full refund unconditional guarantee. You will then understand why all our clients rave about us so much. We guarantee you will have the best training experience of your life. If for any reason you feel you lack the ability or desire to continue then you can go back to your previous training with no harm done. What have you got to lose?

Important note:
Our training is not right for everyone and as such we may not accept you as a client if we feel you lack to ability to commit on a level for success. We train with clients who are ready for change and willing to put their good intentions into practice.

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The Dragons Fitness 100% money back guarantee

All of our clients get great results and we know that you will too. However if for any reason you aren’t completely blown away with every aspect of Dragons Fitness you are entitled to a full 90-day unconditional refund. You have nothing to lose – we guarantee your success!


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